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Meaningful Design Solutions

Creativity. Customer centric-ness. Contextual design. Collaboration. MK Architects was founded on these four principles by Ar. Manish kumawat in 2016. Ideologies, pursuit of excellence and admiration for restrained, clean-lined design and cubism, which served as a starting point to establish an independent practice, inform the design responses of the studio even today.

Our oeuvre — whether it is a small outhouse, a private villa, a large-scale housing project or a commercial building — is united by a clear creative vision, honesty of material expression, and an ever-present endeavour for the well-being of the user.

We know design shapes environments, social structures and, finally, an individual. Which is why we believe in resolving every aspect of a design, however small. We never lose sight of an immensely crucial fact — design matte

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